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Which accent do passengers find sexiest for pilots in UK and Ireland?

The Scottish accent has been voted the sexiest amongst pilots from the UK and Ireland according to a survey by online flight booking site, Kiwi.com. Almost a quarter (23%) of British travellers questioned admitted that pilots instantly become more attractive if they were from Scotland, while the Northern Irish accent tied with the Irish accent for second place.

A survey found that that Scottish pilots have the sexiest accent. Image: andresr

Pilots with Welsh accents came fourth, those speaking the Queen’s English were fifth, while the remainder of the top eleven was
6. Geordie (from Newcastle-upon-Tyne) 7. Scouse (from Liverpool) 8. Mancunian (from Manchester) 9. Cockney (London‘s East End) 10. West Country (south-west England) and 11. Brummie. Sadly for the Brummies, or natives of Birmingham and the West Midlands, only one in every 100 flyers found the accent attractive among pilots.

A survey found that that Scottish pilots have the sexiest accent. Image: Kent Wien

Nervous flyers, understandably, didn’t have sexiness on their minds. as a whopping 49% found pilots speaking the Queen’s English (Received Pronunciation) to be the most reassuring to them. The Scottish accent came second in the reassuring stakes, while the Welsh accent came third. Northern Irish came fourth and Irish came fifth, while Mancunian, Yorkshire, West Country, Cockney and Brummie all tied for sixth place. The Scouse accent was deemed to be the least reassuring, coming in eleventh place, with only 1% of people surveyed admitting that when they hear the accent, they feel reassured.

Female pilots give passengers more confidence than their male colleagues. Image: Digital Vision

An interesting statistic that emerged is that 85% of frequent flyers admitted to feeling more confident and reassured when a female pilot is in the cockpit, compared to their male counterparts. “Female pilots continue to challenge gender stereotypes in such a male-dominated industry and suggestions that there should be more women in the cockpit, as they are far more reassuring and instil confidence in passengers, should be taken into account,” says Stephen Davis at Kiwi.com.

For further information about Kiwi.com, which provides affordable flight itineraries to customers, see here.