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Cristiano Ronaldo opens his own museum and hotel in Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo officially opened his own hotel and museum in the Portuguese city of Madeira over the weekend.

The international footballer and Real Madrid star, one of the richest athletes in the world, has decided to try his hand at the hotel business. Ronaldo is now the proud owner of the Pestana CR7 Hotel in his home city of Madeira, Portugal. The unique name, CR7, was created using Christiano Ronaldo’s initials and his shirt number.

The hotel has a Ronaldo museum on the ground floor, with a wax replica of the sporting star for fans to take photos with as well as housing his greatest prizes, including Champions League, La Liga and Premier League medals.

Not stopping at a hotel and a museum, Madeira city also recently renamed their international airport the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport in recognition of the sporting stars achievements and Portugal’s victory in the Euro 2016 Championships.