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Opportunistic monkey steals bus and crashes in India

A monkey has caused mayhem in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh after leaping aboard a public bus and driving it off.

Cheeky macaque steals bus in India.
Cheeky macaque steals bus in India. Image by romana klee / CC BY-SA 2.0

The driver of the bus left his vehicle in the town of Bareilly to search for passengers and an opportunistic macaque climbed aboard and managed to start the engine with the keys that were in the ignition. The bus then took off in second gear and careered down the road before crashing into two other buses. Predictably, the monkey driver fled the scene of the accident. India has a complicated relationship with its legions of wild monkeys – on one level, monkeys are worshipped as representatives of Hanuman, the monkey god, but monkeys cause all sorts of problems, from stealing food to infecting humans with rabies, and locals regularly rail against the ‘simian menace’. Read more: timesofindia.indiatimes.com