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These are the most Instagrammed neighbourhoods around New York City

The sprawling boundaries of New York City means there are plenty of amazing spots to fall in love with, but what neighbourhoods get the most posts on social media? Travel booking site Globehunters broke down the most Instagrammed neighbourhoods in New York by hashtag. Here are the top five:

A man works out on Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (aka 125th St) in Harlem. Image by ©Guillaume Gaudet/Lonely Planet


Harlem is going through rapid gentrification, which could be one of the reasons why its hip new spots are popping up all over Instagram. But the home of the Harlem Renaissance is still full of incredible history. The northern Manhattan neighbourhood is known for its vibrant immigrant and African American communities, and anyone looking for a wide variety of cultural experiences will find just that – from the stage at the Apollo Theatre, the art inside the Studio Museum and much more.

The Wonder Wheel sign, at Coney Island. Image by ©Guillaume Gaudet/Lonely Planet

Coney Island

Heading to Coney Island is like going on a holiday without leaving NYC; the seaside community offers up beaches, amusement rides and boardwalk strolls. It’s a little bit classic and a little bit kitsch, but the neighbourhood is sure make an impression on those who visit.

Ferrara on Grand Street in the Little Italy section of Lower Manhattan. Ferrara is an old and famous Italian bakery and cafe in Little Italy. Image by ©DW labs Incorporated/Shutterstock

NoLita/Little Italy

Today, Little Italy may no longer boast the same Neapolitan vibe it had in the early 1900s, but the neighbourhood, and Nolita (North of Little Italy), are still popular with travellers. Each year, Little Italy gets back to its roots during the Feast of San Gennaro in September with a massive street festival celebrating the patron saint of Naples.

Summer evening at Washington Square Park in the West Village. Image by ©littleny/Shutterstock

West Village

If you want to take an aspirational stroll through New York, dreaming of the kind of life you could one day live, the West Village is the perfect spot. The trendy spot boasts boutique shops, hip restaurants and incredible row houses. When visiting the decidedly high-end neighbourhood, travellers can indulge in some light-hearted film location spotting (like Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment), or take in some more serious history at the Stonewall National Monument.

The Lower East Side in Manhattan. Image by Globehunters

Lower East Side

Like many New York neighbourhoods, the Lower East Side is always undergoing change, so visitors are likely to find a bit of everything in the Manhattan hood. Travellers will find the New Museum, a massive contemporary art-filled institution, alongside the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, which recreates the immigrant dwellings at the turn of the 20th century.