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Love brunch? These are the cheapest cities in Europe for a morning meal

Exploring a new city requires to a lot of energy – after all, you need to check out all the museums, parks, cafes, nightclubs, and monuments on offer. Luckily, a good brunch is the perfect way to start the day – but it could set you back quite a bit of money depending on what city you are in.

Find out where to buy the cheapest brunch in Europe. Image by Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

A new guide breaks down just how much breakfast will cost in a number of different European cities. If you are looking to get all the benefits of a nice breakfast without the cost, Budapest, Hungary is a top pick. There, an average continental breakfast costing as little as £3.35 (€3.83), while a cooked breakfast costs £5.51 (€6.30). That’s a big difference from Copenhagen, Denmark, where a cooked breakfast will cost an average of £16.14 (€18.77). The stats come from currency provider International Currency Exchange, which broke down the prices of the morning meal in European countries, to see where travellers can get a deal on the most important meal of the day.

Coffee cup latte art. Image by ©I love coffee/Shutterstock

In the Hungarian capital, you could grab a cooked breakfast, a continental breakfast and two coffees for an average of average £14.10 (€16.13), while the same spread in Copenhagen will add up to £31.53 (€36.07). Luckily, there are plenty of spots with good value, such as Athens in Greece (£7.39/€8.45) for a cooked breakfast, Madrid in Spain (£8.33/€9.53), and Prague in the Czech Republic (£8.07/€9.23). The most expensive spots after Copenhagen are Stockholm in Sweden (£12.15/€13.90), Amsterdam in Netherlands (£11.32/€12.95), and Paris in France (£10/€11.44).

Paris is one of the more expensive places for breakfast. Image by ©ventdusud/Shutterstock

If you tend to just require some caffeine to get the day started, the report also found out the best spots to grab two cups of coffee. On average, the cheapest place is Madrid, Spain, at £4.06 (€4.64). The famous coffee destination of Rome, Italy, is luckily the second cheapest spot. If you’re trying to save money, perhaps avoid Stockholm, where two coffees costs an incredible £9 (€10.30).

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