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Hang out with these adorable English bulldogs at a California hotel

Holidays are pretty great, but it’s even better if you can share a bit of your relaxation time with a couple of adorable dogs. Luckily, The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills has brought in Winston and Churchill, two adorable English bulldogs, to make guests’ days a bit brighter.

Winston and Churchill are the cutest additions to this LA hotel. Image by The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

The pups, who were brought to the hotel in August, serve as the official mascots. They live at the property and like to hang out on Hampton Court, where guests can play with them – obviously a big draw for animal lovers. It’s also possible to spot them on their walks or even up at the rooftop pool. If you want the adorable little guys undivided attentions, guests can even invite them for an hour to private parties or events – if they make a US$250 (£174) donation to a local animal shelter.

The puppies playing. Image by The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

But it’s not just Winston and Churchill who are welcome, guests can bring their own furry friend to the hotel. There’s one dog allowed per room, up to 30 pounds. In fact, the hotel’s chef, Anthony Keene, has made a dog-friendly menu that guests can order meals and treats for their dogs. Guests can pick up a variety of treats and dry food, and even a meal of fresh chicken, brown rice, potatoes and whole eggs, or a vegetarian option of lentils, apples, carrots, pearly barley and potato. Learn more about the hotel’s pet policy here.

Winston and Churchill in the screening room. Image by The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

If an adorable furry pal at reception is enough to have you considering a night’s stay, then there are plenty of places that are embracing having a dog on the team. The dog-friendly Hotel Nikko in San Francisco has Buster, a Maltese/Yorkie mix, who is there to handle the role of “canine operating officer”. He’s also a therapy dog who helps raise money for a local animal shelter. Over in Australia, the Park Hyatt Melbourne employs Mr Walker, a Labrador who also serves as an ambassador for Guide Dogs Victoria, while Chicago’s Park Hyatt location has a one-eyed pug named Parker.

One of the adorable pups checks out some familiar-looking statues. Image by The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

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