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Disconnect and recharge with a Tiny House escape at an NYC beach this summer

Cabin rental service Getaway is opening three pop-up tiny houses on a, yet to be disclosed, New York City beach this Memorial Day Weekend (29 May). Teaming up with Gateway National Recreation Area and the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy, Getaway hopes to help stressed out folks escape and rejuvenate in nature.

Getaway tiny houses are coming to NYC. Image by Sarah Ruehlow
Getaway Tiny Houses are coming to NYC. Image by Sarah Ruehlow

The location of the new NYC pop-ups will be unveiled two weeks before they open, and will be a 30-minute drive from Prospect Park, right on the beach overlooking the ocean, with big windows and horizon views in the distance. “We frame nature,” said Getaway CEO Jon Staff, “nature has restorative properties.”

Hailing from a small Minnesota town of 54 people, Getaway boss Staff has always had an affinity with the outdoors, and has slept in plenty of bizarre places – from a boat on Lake Superior and the basement of a frozen yogurt shop to an Airstream trailer. “I started this company to help people get more connected to nature and disconnect from technology,” he said.

Interior view of a Getaway cabin. Image by Sarah Ruehlow
Interior view of a Getaway cabin. Image by Sarah Ruehlow

Each 160-200 sq ft tiny Getaway cabin is on wheels and has a heater, stove, queen bed, a shower and toilet, but no Wi-Fi – to help you return to a simpler time, if only for a night. “Work and technology has taken over every minute of every day,” explained Staff.

Aesthetically, the cabins have clean lines, wooden surfaces and 90-degree corners, and each house uses clever engineering to make everything easy. “We don’t have Murphy Beds or toasters that come out of drawers, you don’t have to move anything or think about anything, it’s very simple,” explained Staff. The experience isn’t about having a place to crash so you can explore, it’s being in a beautiful house in the woods and literally doing nothing, “see if you can find out what it feel like to be bored,” said Staff.

Bearwalk - Getaway cabin in a Boston forest. Image by Sarah Ruehlow.
Bearwalk – Getaway cabin in a Boston forest. Image by Sarah Ruehlow.

Getaway cabins sleep two to four guests, and along with a mini-fridge, a stocked kitchen and wireless speaker, there’s a fire pit and Adirondack chairs to lounge around on. “Our guests say: ‘This calm feeling washed over me, which I haven’t felt in years’,” said Staff. “It’s about getting back in touch with that humanity, which we’re at fear of losing now the world has changed”.

Getaway has two permanent locations in Boston and upstate New York, and is set to expand to new US cities in late 2017. Each set of cabins will be around two hours from a major city, and framed in the most beautiful, serene and quiet of spots. Visit getaway.house for more info and to book.