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Nashville is stepping back in time and getting a 1960s drive-in theatre

Nashville is known as Music City, but a newly announced entertainment venture is conjuring classic Hollywood. August Moon is an ambitious attempt to re-create the quintessential American drive-in experience of the 1960s – indoors. 

The planned August Moon drive-in, Nashville.
The planned August Moon drive-in, Nashville. Image by Ford Thunderbird Discussion Forum on Facebook

The 40,000 square-foot space will conjure the sights, sounds and smells of a perfect summer night, complete with stunning sunsets leading to a starry sky, real trees, hammocks, and, somehow, lightning bugs. And don’t forget the cars: theater-goers have the option of being seated in modified classic cars from the auto industry’s golden age. (Other equally novel seating options include tree swings.) August Moon will show both first-run and classic films on the largest non-IMAX screen in North America, and serve upscale versions of classic American fare like burgers, fries and milkshakes alongside a full menu of bar options.

Creator Michael Counts, whose past experience with immersive entertainment has included “the Walking Dead Experience,” told Variety, “we’re building a set as if you’re going to shoot an outdoor scene in a movie, on an indoor stage.” All this means you’ll spend more time in August Moon than the average movie theater. The entire experience will take about three hours, giving moviegoers the chance to explore the venue (and enjoy that simulated sunset) before taking in the film.  August Moon is currently scheduled for a mid-2018 opening near Nashville’s Nissan Stadium.

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