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Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art to offer art tours around Russia

Moscow’s cutting-edge Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is launching  an art travel agency, offering art tours around Russia.

Moscow's Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.
Moscow’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Image by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art on Facebook

The museum was opened by supermodel Dasha Zhukova in an old bus depot. In 2015 it moved to Moscow’s famous Gorky Park and is now housed in a Soviet-era building that was recently renovated by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas – is one of the hottest art venues in the Russian capital. It showcases both local and international artists and hosts exhibitions, lectures, films and interactive educational programs. Garage is also one of the organisers and hosts of the Moscow Biennale, a major international cultural event.

The Temple of All Religions (Universal Temple) is an architectural complex in Kazan.
The Temple of All Religions (Universal Temple) is an architectural complex in Kazan. Image by Shutterstock

The art tours offered by the Garage Art Travel Agency will start in mid-March 2017 and they will include 40 different cities in Russia, with the prices starting from 400 roubles, or just US$7. The aim of the project is to introduce visitors to the country’s diverse local art scene and to demonstrate that contemporary art in Russia can be found outside the major cultural centres like Moscow and St Petersburg. Some of the cities the tours will cover include Kaliningrad, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, and many others.

A great example of a contemporary art scene flourishing  in the Russian countryside is Nikola-Lenivets, once abandoned village 220 km southwest of Moscow and these days a huge open-air exhibition space dotted with gigantic installations. This is the home of the annual Archstoyanie international festival, which takes place every summer and presents new installations by land artists and architects.

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