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Celebs flock to hip NYC bar for its Gucci wallpaper and superfood cocktails

Question is: what’s more Instagrammable, the CBD cocktails or the neon sign that demands ‘no photos’?

The Gucci wallpaper in Peachy’s. Image by Peachy’s

Despite only opening recently, Peachy’s has already cemented its status as the go-to watering hole for trendy New Yorkers. A reputation probably helped by the fact that the Kardashians, actress Vanessa Hudgens, and rapper Post Malone have all stopped by to see what the fuss is about.

It makes sense, after all: Peachy’s is the lively cocktail bar nestled in the basement of Chinese Tuxedo, one of the city’s most talked-about restaurants. The eatery first made headlines when it debuted due to the fact that it was located in a historic Chinatown theatre, albeit one with quite a violent history.

The sign is, of course, tongue-in-cheek. Image by Peachy’s

The acclaimed dining room and accompanying bar are the brainchild of Eddy Buckingham and Jeff Lam. The forward-thinking duo are positioning Peachy’s as the ultimate destination spot for those who like to enjoy one or two drinks, as they noted that their regular customers favour sophisticated experiences over slamming shots these days.

No doubt, they’re also flocking there for the picture-perfect interiors. Peachy’s boasts an invested garden of peach blossoms, hanging lanterns, and plush scarlet banquette booths situated beneath maximalist Gucci floral wallpaper. The neon pink sign – ‘No Photos, No Fighting’ – is of course, tongue-in-cheek.

Cocktails at Peachy’s. Image by Peachy’s

On the drinks front, there’s a specific focus on holistic wellness tonics, albeit laced with some alcohol for good measure. A selection of “elixir cocktails” come packed with healthy ingredients like cacao nibs and adaptogens, and nootropics – supplements that boost cognitive and creative function. Ergo, not just your average glass of ‘dutch courage’.

If it sounds a bit too new age hipster for you – fear not. There’s a ten-page bar menu from Chinese Tuxedo’s executive chef Paul Donnelly with crowd favourites like wings, spicy wok-tossed noodles, lamb chops, and steamed dumplings inspired by pepperoni pizza. There’s also a selection of classic cocktails too, if you like your ‘poison’ the ‘old-fashioned’ way.