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This project allows you to discover Australia’s incredible small town silo art

When travellers head to Australia, places like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane tend to get the most attention. However, an ongoing art project is hoping to lure travellers away from the cities and shores and into the vast country’s small towns.

The silo art in Brim, Australia. Image by denisbin / CC BY-ND 2.0

Massive murals are transforming grain silos around the country into giant works of art. Found along the Silo Art Trail, it is described as “Australia’s largest outdoor gallery” and spans more than 200 kilometres and links Victorian towns like Brim, Patchewollock and Sheep Hills. In these towns, grain silos have been covered with portraits from international and Australian artists, designed to give a special insight into each community.

The project began back in 2016 after the first silo in the town of Brim was painted by Guido van Helten. The incredible portrait of multiple generations of farmers put the small town on the map, drawing in visitors who wanted to see the work of art for themselves. This launched similar projects in nearby towns, with each one telling a story about the place where it is located.

Now, there a new map that can help travellers find their way to each of the incredible murals. Created by Alpaca, it lets users see a glimpse of the mural in each location and provides some background on what they represent. The map shows just where to head off-the-beaten path to find these masterpieces, so travellers can plan an art-filled journey through Australia’s lesser-known spots.