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Marriott installs a shower door that records inspiration marked in the condensation

Have you ever come up with a brilliant idea while in the shower, only to forget it by the time you’ve dried off? Having found that half of its business travellers feel that their best ideas come while showering, Marriott Hotels is testing out a quirky solution. It is trialling an innovative shower door, called the Splash of Brilliance shower, in one of its hotels, and this is a tech-savvy door that records inspiration marked in the condensation.

Marriott installs a shower door to record inspiration marked in the condensation. Image: Marriott Hotels

The technology allows guests to start their shower, and then as steam builds up, it creates a canvas on the door. Guests can then write or sketch their idea on the shower door using their finger, and touch-sensitive technology built into the shower door then captures it and sends the image to the guest’s email before it gets washed down the drain.

The idea came about when 51% of those questioned in the 2017 Marriott International survey of 5000 international travellers said that their best ideas came about while showering. The unique experience will be available to guests for a test period of two months at the newly-redesigned Marriott Hotels Irvine, California, an inventive hotel in the heart of Orange County designed with the tech-savvy traveller in mind. The hotel group will determine any further roll-out based on usage, feedback and satisfaction scores from guests staying in the Splash of Brilliance room.

Marriott installs shower door to record inspiration marked in the condensation. Image: Anthony Saffery/Getty Images

“We are constantly looking for new ways to use technology to enhance our guest experience,” says Matthew Carroll, vice president and global brand manager, Marriott Hotels. “This shower door technology pushes the limit of our thinking in an imaginative and fun way.”

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