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Australia's Kakadu National Park is looking for a new manager

If you’re looking for a new position that will challenge you, you may be interested to learn that Kakadu National Park is looking for a new manager and it says that the position “isn’t for the faint-hearted.” The 20,000-square-kilometre park in Australia’s Northern Territory is hugely popular with travellers, thanks to its amazing wildlife and 25,000-year-old rock paintings, and the park is promising the that whoever gets the job is in for a “ride on the wilder side of life.”

Koolpin Gorge, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia. Image: Auscape/UIG via Getty Images

The park says that the remoteness of the location is both its challenge and its beauty. Kakadu National Park has been home to Bininj/Mungguy for thousands of years and is a place of enormous cultural significance and ecological and biological diversity. The successful applicant will be responsible for managing a team of up to 75 staff, while engaging with Aboriginal Traditional Owners to understand and work towards their vision for the future of the World Heritage-listed park. They will also deliver key environmental, cultural and visitor programmes, and appropriately allocate and manage resources.

According to the job description, the successful applicant will be a “unique combination of CEO and host of one of the most amazing destinations in the world.” “You’ll use every lesson you’ve ever learnt, every skerrick of drive and every ounce of experience to liaise with a diverse range of stakeholders, manage day-to-day operations, bring in the cash and get the best reviews on Trip Advisor,” it explains.

The new manager will be based in Jabiru, a town of 1000 people. The Ranger uranium mine is set to close in 2021, and the park is hoping whoever becomes CEO will make sure that the changes that ensue are for the better. He or she will be responsible for ensuring that tourists have a good time and safety is prioritised. The region is also home to 10,000 crocodiles, and the office cares for a lot of injured wildlife.

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The Park Manager’s salary is listed from $120,881 to $140,445 with 27 days holiday per year.  Applications need to be received by 22 November through the government’s online recruitment site here.