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This US airline is now offering free prosecco on international flights

In the days of airlines cutting back on everything that makes flying bearable, one US airline has brought in a nice new perk – free prosecco on international flights.

Delta is now offering free prosecco on its international flights. Image by Roy Hsu/Getty Images

Sparkling wines like prosecco, and even champagne, are often a staple of business class, but Delta has announced it will start offering prosecco to main cabin passengers. The offering isn’t much beyond a new option, since Delta has long offered free beer, wine or spirits, but the addition of prosecco is sure to appeal to those who want to make their flight feel like a special occasion.

“Sparkling wine is often the first choice for a celebration and we know how special it is for people to jet off on a trip so we wanted to bring the celebration to them,” said Lisa Bauer of Delta in a statement. “Offering complimentary chef-curated food and drinks throughout the flight is one of the things that sets Delta apart and we’re upping the ante again with our mini bottles of prosecco.”

The Italian sparkling wine may not have quite the reputation of its French sibling, champagne, but prosecco is a popular drink among many. Travellers interested in the sparkling wine can head to its place of origin, Prosecco Country, in the foothills of the Alps between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.