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You'll never be confused which suitcase is yours again - if it has a giant picture of your face on it

We’ve probably all had the depressing experience of discovering that someone else has walked off with our similar-looking suitcase, or else making a mad dash to heave a case from the baggage carousel only to discover it’s not ours. Happily, these mistakes can now be a thing of the past thanks to a new service that allows you to cover your case in a giant picture of your own face.

You can have your face put on your case so you won’t lose it. Image: Firebox

All you have to do is say cheese and provide a high-resolution image of yourself to UK gifts and gadgets retailer Firebox, and it will create a custom-made polyester spandex cover from it. The Head Case luggage cover fits snugly around your suitcase and makes it instantly recognisable and identifiable.

You can have your face put on your case so you won’t lose it. Image: Thomas Barwick

The idea came about after Firebox’s MD Kristian Bromley’s own luggage was accidentally taken by another passenger on holiday. When his colleagues discussed the matter afterwards, they concluded that a personalised cover would be a solution to the problem of identikit luggage. By covering your case with a giant photo of your face, you will no longer have to worry about someone else making off with it – well unless they find your head case image devastatingly attractive, of course.

You can have your face put on your case so you wont lose it. Image: Firebox

The personalised cover is printed on both sides, and is available in three sizes to fit cases that are small, medium or large. It attaches to the case with two adjustable buckle fasteners and is said to be durable. So if you fancy the idea of seeing your grinning or scowling face twirling around the carousel, check out the Head Case luggage cover here.