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Hear the sounds of the popular street food currywurst through the Berlin orchestra

Berlin’s orchestra is helping people around the world hear the sounds of the city, including that of its beloved snack, currywurst.


Currywurst, a sliced sausage topped with a curry sauce and often served with chips or breads, is so popular the city even has a museum dedicated to itNow, Konzerthaus Berlin, a concert hall and home of the Konzerthausorchester Berlin, is releasing a series of 13 video clips, where musicians will recreate “typical Berlin” moments with their instruments.

The videos start with currywurst, showing the making of the tasty treat at one of the city’s most popular spots, Curry 36 – accompanied by musicians recreating the sounds of the grilling sausage, the ketchup bottles and the frying of the chips.

Konzerthaus Berlin features ongoing performances by orchestra, but in the meantime, anyone outside of the city can enjoy the musicians in the video series, recreating moments like the doors of the S-Bahn, the sounds of the zoo and more. Naturally, they will have many travellers dreaming of the next time they can stop for a bite of delicious currywurst.

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