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Millennials would rather take shorter trips than one long vacation, says survey

When it comes to travel, the vast majority of millennials would choose to take more short trips throughout the year rather than one long adventure, according to a survey from the travel booking site Priceline.com.

Millennials are looking to take more holidays in a year.
Millennials are looking to take more holidays in a year. Image by Dan Queiroz

The company’s recent Traveler’s Sweet Spot survey says most millennials need to take at least seven or more trips this year to be happy. About 83% of millennials would like to take a greater number of short breaks in a year instead of one longer trip. While seven short trips may seem like a lot, another recent survey found that the lovely feeling after going on holidays is short-lived and more frequent adventures may be more beneficial to keeping that post-vacation high.

But aiming for a lot of vacations in a year may be only a dream for many millennials, as 85% of the survey respondents say they frequently regret not going on trips they could have taken. About 39% of respondents say they most regret not heading to experience-based vacation like a music festival, while 35% regret not going to a sporting event. Being there for their friends is also an important reason to travel, and 45% say they regret not having travelled to be with friends at important moments like weddings, baby showers and bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Coachella music festival, 2009.
Coachella music festival, 2009. Image by sputnik mi amor_ / CC BY 2.0

Unsurprisingly, the Traveller’s Sweet Spot survey notes that the main obstacle people say stops them from travelling is the cost. But another recent survey found that feelings of shame may be stopping many working millennials from booking their much desired holidays. The 2016 Alamo Family Vacation Survey found that 59% of millennials felt guilty when taking time off work to head out on vacation, compared to only 41% of people 35 and older. But in addition to feeling ashamed when booking off their vacation days, about 42% of millennials say they shame their co-workers for taking time off, while only 24% of older people said they did the same.