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A new 'Food Tube' map shows where to find London's quirkiest culinary offerings

London is famous for its vibrant food scene, but if you’re a visitor to the English capital, you may not know where to begin to check out its newest offerings and special culinary treats. Help comes in the form of a new “Food Tube” map that shows you where to find the innovative foodie favourites that Londoners adore, including some colourful and unusual offerings that will make the perfect holiday treat.

A Food Tube map has been created to showcase London’s special food creations. Photo: Wren Kitchens

“From a Negroni fountain popping up at The Drift Bar in Aldgate to the Instafamous Unicone at Milk Train Café in Leicester Square, summer 2018 promises to be deliciously diverse whichever part of the city you’re in,” says Wren Kitchens, who created the map on its blog. “To assist you on your quest across the capital and ensure you don’t miss a single mouth-watering moment, we’ve created the Food Tube map – with every stop you’ll need to try everything from this month’s Banana Mousse with Rum Caramel dip at Hip Chips to the Liquid Gold Latte at Farmgirl.”

You can sample colourful food on the new Food Tube map. Image: Irina Marwan

If you choose to embark on a food “crawl” based on the Food Tube map, your Instagram page will thank you anyway. There are plenty of fun and unusual treats on offer, including rainbow bagels, matcha freakshakes, flower gelato and unicorn poop. London boasts some of the most varied vegan and “free-from” offerings in the country, so you can sample the vegan MacDaddy Burger and vegan doughnuts with rum and pineapple, for example. There is also dairy-free frozen yogurt available, although those who consume dairy may like to sample the macaron ice cream sandwich.

For further information on the Food Tube map, see here.