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Netflix and chill: new nap pods are coming to airports this year

Have you ever been on a layover at odd hours, contorting your body so you can get a decent rest on the not-so-comfortable seats? Soon your woes may be over with the introduction of nap pods designed specifically for weary travellers.

Sick of roaming aimlessly through airports? The AirPod could be the solution.

Designed by AirPod, the new capsules look like something out of a sci-fi movie where inside travellers will find a relaxing plush chair that can lean back and convert into a bed.

A private space in a bustling airport, the AirPod doesn’t just cater for the nappers but also to those who simply just need to recharge away from the duty-free shops that you’ve probably visited eight times. Offering a hub to charge up their devices, store their luggage and connect to Wi-Fi, there’s even Netflix available to tune into.

According to its creators, the pod is very mobile and can be put most places. Image by AirPod

Worried about hygiene? Never fear. “The AirPod capsules will have integrated scent machines to eliminate unpleasant odours,” they tell Lonely Planet. “[There will be a] self-disinfection LED system and will be manually checked by staff. LED produces a high-quality white light that also provides continuous disinfection through precisely engineered wavelengths of visible light. Laboratory and controlled room experiments show up to a 90% bacteria reduction in a treated environment for one day.”

The AirPods are currently in their testing phase and the commercial trial will last a month on 10-15 prototypes in European airports. While locations are being kept under wraps, following customer feedback, it is hoped that the AirPods will feature in even more places.

Your own private haven. Image by AirPod

The pods were designed to reduce the outside noise but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be completely disconnected to the airport. Those residing in the futuristic pods can set an alarm for when it’s time to head to their gate.

According to its creators, the pod itself is incredibly easy to move around the airport to different locations. They’re available to rent by the hour at €15 (US$18). For now, it’s one person per pod, however, in the future, they hope to develop a two-person unit also. You can find out more about the pod here.