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A women-only island is now open off the coast of Finland

If you’re a girl’s girl or simply want to fully surround yourself with female energy, an island off the coast of Finland is turning into an all-female wellness retreat.

The island is designed to be a wellness retreat without the ‘distraction’ of men. Photo by Hero Images

SuperShe Island opened on 23 June as a wellness destination that will, for the time being, be available for women only. The idea is the brainchild of Kristina Roth, an entrepreneur and founder of lifestyle and networking blog SuperShe. All the staff are female and, where possible, all the goods on the site have been supplied by female vendors.

She said the idea came from her own restorative vacations she took. She found that some female participants would change their behaviour when men were around and couldn’t relax so she wanted to create a space where they could simply focus on themselves.

The retreat will be somewhere women can go for a few days or weeks to relax in an incredible, wooded island, less than 90 minutes away from Helsinki. Somewhat ironically, she discovered the island because her partner is a local Finnish man who told her it was up for sale.

The island will have a similar wooded landscape to the National Park Repovesi. Photo by Tsuguliev/Shutterstock

It will take more than simply being a woman to get access to the island hideaway however. Prior to your visit you’ll need to apply for ‘exclusive membership’ and will be subject to vetting procedures which include an application form and even an interview with the founder over Skype. Alternatively, you may need to be referred by an existing member, similar to the Soho House members’ clubs around the world.

If you are found to make the cut, a week-long escape from the male of the species doesn’t come cheap, clocking in at US $4680 (€4000) although the resort break is all-inclusive. Despite the restrictions, Kristina told USA Today that she didn’t want the island to be “elitist” but rather it was because she was inviting people to her home.

If this sounds like your ideal break away, you can start the application process here.

This story was published on 8 February 2018 and was updated 31 July.