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Fancy popping to the 'world's most remote pop-up shop' in Colorado?

Ever gotten halfway through a journey and realised that you brought the wrong gear? Now one company solved that problem for some climbers in Colorado by opening a pop-up shop….300 feet above the ground on a sheer cliff-side.

Colorado's climbing supply shop
You’ll need to plan head if you want to shop in the world’s most remote pop-up shop. Image by 37.5 Technologies

The Cliffside Shop was open for business on the Bastille cliff at Eldorado Canyon State Park but only the best climbers could get access to it. It was set up by 37.5 Technology, a company that creates textiles for adventure wear to regulate body temperature and odour.

The stunning images and video show the plastic pop-up shop suspended about 300 feet above the ground in an area hugely popular with climbing enthusiasts in the Boulder area. The shop was manned by a cheery Dave Bywater for two days who popped his head out to greet the climbers and offer them assistance.

The shop was suspended 300 feet above the ground. Image by 37.5 Technologies

One of the company’s experienced climbers and VPs, he was in the shop from sunrise to sunset to help the climbers out with extra layers when the weather got chilly and has now deservedly been awarded Employee of the Month for his efforts. In total, he served about 70 people, handing out products like fleeces and jackets.

As well as a clever marketing stunt, the company also made donations to three organisations that help provide climbing access to people on public lands, and to conserving the Eldorado Canyon State Park, totalling approximately $15,000. There’s no word yet, but the ad agency behind the concept hinted the store might just pop-up in similar locations to help climbers when they most need it.

A cliffside customer. Image by 37.5 Technologies