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Airbnb’s top 10 trending summer destinations for 2019

Plenty of under-the-radar destinations are making a big impression on Airbnb customers as the company revealed the top 10 places that are about to trend this summer.

Nature breaks are popular with Airbnb guests as company reveals its trending destinations for summer. Image by Getty

To discover the top trending destinations Airbnb customers are heading to this summer, the company looked at data for for bookings made between 1 June and 2 September this year and compared it to bookings for the same time last year to find out what destinations had the highest percentage of growth. From palm-fringed coastlines to off-the-grid towns and sublime natural parks, these places are generating more interest than usual.

Valenciennes, France (704%)

Valenciennes, home to Scarpe-Escaut park, is the most trending destination this summer on Airbnb. Image by Getty

This small town near the Belgian border experienced the highest surge in bookings at 704%. Nicknamed the ‘Athens of the North’ in the 19th century due to its artistic activity, Valenciennes is today renowned for its fine art museum which houses masterpieces from Antoine Watteau and Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. It’s also home to Scarpe-Escaut Regional Park, one of France’s oldest national parks and popular with hikers and cyclists.

Changsha, China (695%)

China’s Changsha is second most trending destination with Airbnb guests this summer. Image by thipjang/Shutterstock

Coming in second place is Changsha, the capital of the Hunan province in south-central China. It’s an energetic city known for its magnolia-lined streets, sights relating to Mao Zedong (who was born and educated here) and Xiang Opera.

Matsudo, Japan (476%)

Matsudo’s increase in popularity could be connected to the Olympics. Image by Alessandro Di Ciommo/NurPhoto via Getty

Matsudo is the third-largest city in Chiba Prefecture and considered a major suburb of Tokyo. Its increase in popularity this year could be connected to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Matsudo City is hosting training camps for international Olympic teams and is located near some the Olympic Games venues. Maybe visitors want to scope out the city ahead of the Games?

Wuhan, China (454%)

An aerial snap of Wuhan’s cityscape. Image by Getty

Located in Hubei Province, Wuhan is comprised of three ancient towns. Known for its cuisine, fine cultural sites, including the Yellow Crane Tower, and attractions such as the Three Gorges Dam, Enshi Grand Canyon and Wudang Mountain.

Dorado, (449%), Vieques, (425%), Rio Grande (416%) – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is welcoming more tourists this year as recovery efforts continue.

The resorts of Dorado, Vieques and Rio Grande are the Puerto Rican resorts experiencing the biggest growth of interest from Airbnb customers this year as the island continues to rebuild itself after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

Yeosu, South Korea (408%)

Yeosu is surrounded by 300 offshore islands.

The southern port city of Yeosu is also climbing up the ladder. Accessible from capital Seoul by high-speed train, it’s a place where you can hit the beach, island-hop (it’s surrounded by 300 offshore islands) and sample some of South Korea’s best seafood.

Bragg Creek, Canada (382%)

Beautiful Bragg Creek completed the top 10 trending destinations for summer. Image by Getty

Completing the top 10 is Bragg Creek. Located near Calgary, the area is a good base for Rocky Mountain hiking, mountain-biking and cosy log cabin stays.