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Step into the world’s first life-sized Monopoly game in Hong Kong

If you’re a lover of Monopoly, it is no longer a fantasy to step inside the game and experience it in real life. Slated to welcome its first visitors in June 2019, Monopoly Dreams will be the world’s first ever themed attraction inspired by the famous board game.

The entrance to Monopoly Dreams. Image by Monopoly Dreams

Back in 1965, the first Chinese version of Monopoly was designed with Hong Kong as its city. In the later editions, The Peak was voted by the local people to be the most expensive tile – one of the city’s prime residential area occupied by the rich and famous and has the best vantage point to overlook the city’s postcard-worthy skyline. So it makes sense that the brand new themed attraction will also be manifested at The Peak in real life too.

Mr Monopoly’s secret residence. Image by Monopoly Dreams

Spanning over 20,000 square feet, Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong will be an adventure inside Mr. Monopoly’s secret mansion, with every iconic element you can think of incorporated into the attraction. Think of the waterworks, title deeds, jail cell, and of course the chance and opportunity cards presented through augmented reality technology and 4D interactive projections.

Don’t end up in jail! Image by Monopoly Dreams

However, the experience will not be just a larger-than-board game of rolling dice. Embedded into the story is a mystery man attempting to steal Mr. Monopoly’s diamond sceptre, and visitors will have to help solve the case.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking. Image by Monopoly Dreams

True fans will also appreciate a chance to take home some Monopoly souvenirs or maybe eat a themed snack or two. But before they open, you can get an idea of what’s to come from this promotional video.

By Karen Chiang