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These 11 hidden villages have been selected as the most beautiful in Spain

Travellers who’ve already made their way through Spanish cities like Barcelona, Seville and Madrid can now consider a trip to some of the most beautiful villages around the country.

View of houses in Setenil de las Bodegas, beautiful white village ‘pueblo blanco’ of Cadiz. Image by Alex Lapuerta/Getty Images

Eleven new villages have been added to the list of the most beautiful in Spain. The list, created by the Asociación Los Pueblos Más Bonitos De España (Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain), officially accredits towns around the country. With 79 towns in total, the accreditation is designed to celebrate villages and bring awareness to some of the more beautiful but under-visited spots.

Sant Felix church and Bagergue town. Image by ©fitopardo.com/Getty Images

The new towns that have been added for 2019 are: Bonilla de la Sierra in Ávila; Níjar in Almería; Roda de Isábena in Huesca; Bagergue in Lleida; Potes in Cantabria; Tazones in Asturias; Carmona in Cantabria; San Martín de Trevejo in Cáceres; Viniegra de Arriba in La Rioja; Viniegra de Abajo in La Rioja; and Setenil de las Bodegas in Cádiz.

The beautiful village of Carmona in Cantabria. Image by LuismiX/Getty Images

Spread throughout the diverse country, the villages are picturesque spots with plenty to offer visitors. Setenil de las Bodegas is a white town burrowed into the caves under the cliffs of the Río Trejo; many of the original cave-houses still remain, and have even been turned into bars and restaurants. Bagergue has a population of less than 120 people, but has a main church of Roman origin and buildings from the 13th century.

The village of Potes. Image by Daniel Viñé Garcia/Getty Images

Part of the project is designed to support rural Spain and helping regions recover their populations. While beaches and major cities tend to be the backbone of Spanish tourism, the project also helps to show travellers attractions beyond the shoreline, helping create sustainable tourism around the country.