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Why you should wake up early to get the best flight deals in 2019

Every avid traveller has heard a million tricks for getting the best deal on flights – and has likely tried more than a few of them. While there are numerous suggestions when it comes to the best days to book a flight, a new report from Skyscanner has broken things down even further, suggesting the best hour of the day to get a deal.

Get up early and book your flights at 5 am. Image by Westend61/Getty Images

The travel booking site analyzed data to find out the best times for US travellers to book their dream trip for 2019. The company found that if you are eyeing up a holiday it may be best to book your flights as soon as possible, as January will be the cheapest month to snag a ticket. Based on last year’s data, January boasts the lowest prices, followed by August and February.

Book a trip like one to Lubenice beach in Croatia. Image by ©Justin Foulkes/Lonely Planet

Now that the best months have been determined, deal seekers have to pick a day and time to buy their flight – and it may involve getting up extra early. According to Skyscanner, booking at 5am offers up the highest potential for savings, so make sure to set an alarm. Evening searchers may be at a disadvantage, as 7pm to 10pm sees the highest prices.

Stay domestic and travel to Sequoia National Park. Image by ©Peter Amend/Getty Images

There are also advantages to certain days of the week, with Sundays offering the best deals for both domestic and international flights. Skyscanner also suggests avoiding booking on Thursday and Friday. If you’re travelling internationally, it’s best to book your flight two months in advance, while the best time to book domestic flights in two to three weeks in advance.

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