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Another incredible Game of Thrones experience is coming to Northern Ireland in 2019

For many international visitors, Northern Ireland has become synonymous with Game of Thrones as it’s provided the backdrop for many of the iconic locations for the HBO series. So it’s only fitting that the largest Game of Thrones public exhibition will be in the country to coincide with the final season in 2019.

You can get up close with dragons at the exhibit. Photo by Alba Ruperez

Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition will open in Belfast in April 2019 – the same month season eight airs – and run until 1 September. With interest in Westeros at fever pitch, it makes the perfect time to see the displays and organisers say it “will be an important part of the show’s incredible legacy in the region.”

The exhibition will give fans a chance to fully immerse themselves in the lands of the fantasy TV series, including the Kingsroad, Castle Black, the House of Black and White, the city of Meereen and the mysterious frozen lands Beyond the Wall. The highlight for many will be a replica of the Iron Throne Room, the most coveted destination in the entire Seven Kingdoms.

The exhibit aims to be an immersive experience. Photo by Alba Ruperez

As well as the themed rooms, there will be the chance to get close to the incredible costumes and authentic props from the show. You’ll be reminded of the bloody and difficult struggle detailed in the story, both from the perspective of the noble houses who fight and the ordinary people who must live with the consequences.

The Belfast show will mark the first time the exhibition has visited either the UK or Ireland and it’s no coincidence it was chosen as the location for the duration of the much-anticipated final season. Robin Stapley of GES Events, who are responsible for the tour, said: “Visitors will get to see the beautiful, hand-crafted work from the seven seasons made by talented artisans, designers, and craftsmen, many of whom are from Northern Ireland. People [here] are already familiar with the world of Westeros but this exhibition takes fans to the next level.”

The exhibits will explore the story of the first seven seasons. Photo by Mahala Nuuk

When the exhibition moves on in September, fans won’t have to wait long however for a more permanent dedication to the TV show. Earlier this year HBO confirmed that many of the famous sets would find a home in a new permanent attraction in Northern Ireland which has a tentative 2019 opening date.

Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition will open on 11 April at TEC Belfast with tickets priced between £15 and £17.50. It’s currently on display in Oberhausen, Germany.