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Mobile travel apps that will guarantee a smoother trip

Travellers are increasingly relying on mobile travel apps according to a new study from Travel Pulse. From booking flights to navigating a new city and storing itineraries, the study found that travellers use several different apps throughout the experience. So to help you prepare for your next adventure, we’ve put together a list of some of the best mobile apps that will guarantee a smoother trip.

Mobile travel apps can greatly enhance your trip. Image by Oscar Wong/Getty Images


According to research from Travel Pulse, the most important information for travellers is real-time flight information. This is why a flight tracker app like FlightAware is useful. It tracks real-time status and location of any commercial flight worldwide, as well as private planes in the US and Canada. It even has a map view with satellite imagery of flights that are currently in the air, especially handy if you’re curious to see what’s flying above your head. (iOS, Android)


Sixty-four percent of travellers surveyed feel that seeing their itinerary all in one place is necessary. For travellers who like to stay organised, TripIt stores detailed, daily itinerary with important dates, times and confirmation numbers, directions, maps, weather and more. Users can even access their itinerary offline and information can be synced with Google or Outlook calendars. (iOS, Android)

Travellers are increasingly relying on mobile apps when travelling. Image by Getty


This is a mobile app that’s aimed at commuters by giving them all the options for getting around a city. Enter your destination and it will offer real-time routes on all modes of transport, as well as weather, delays and estimated costs. It also gives helpful tips such as “get off this bus soon” and “sit in the train’s front car” and is integrated with Uber and Lyft (just in case you’re totally lost and need to hail a cab). Cities are limited but expanding. (iOS, Android)


DuoLingo is one of the most popular apps for learning a language. It has 81 language courses spread across a wide range of languages. It has daily games that encourage readers to practice reading, writing and speaking one of its supported languages. It’s a good one to upload ahead of your trip but if you’re stuck on the spot, the Google Translate app will instantly translate to your preferred language. (iOS, Android)

A language-learning app can make your travel experience more rewarding. Stock image by Getty.

Pack Point

According to the Travel Pulse study, 51% of US travellers use weather apps. Pack Point is a weather app with a difference. When you’re ready to pack for a trip, input the dates and activities you might do (like working out, going to a business meeting or a gig) and Pack Point checks the local weather and creates a suitable packing list. You won’t be caught out without an umbrella or a beach towel ever again. (iOS, Android)

Mobile Passport App

US Customs and Border Protection is bringing Mobile Passport Control lines to more airports across the country. With the app, you can store passport and declaration information on your phone. You can get in specially designated lines and move through Customs faster, making it a huge time-saver for regular international travellers. (iOS, Android)

Guides by Lonely Planet

Our app packs in a lot of useful information for travellers with city guides curated by experts, including insider information and self-guided tour itineraries. It also has a built-in offline map so you can navigate your way through a new city without eating into your data. (iOS, Android)