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Cheese and mayonnaise-flavoured ice cream is a thing in NYC at the moment

We’ve had soy-flavoured ice cream, hummus ice cream and even one topped with gold leaf, but two new entrants have now entered the unusual flavours arena of everyone’s favourite summer treat. A New York company has developed a cheese-flavoured ice cream and will be serving it until Sunday 5 August, and a Scottish company is trying to tempt customers with its unusual mayonnaise-flavoured offering.

A shop in Scotland is making ice-creams with scoops of mayonnaise. Image: milanfoto

ICE Artisan Ice Cream in Falkirk offers a range of artisan ice cream flavours, and its latest unusual creation features scoopfuls of Hellmann’s mayonnaise. “Mayo is a wonderful condiment that adds great texture and flavour to whatever you slather it on, but can it really work cold, frozen and creamy?” it asked its social media followers. The reaction was divided, to say the least, with some people seemingly aghast at the idea of the weird combination and others appearing in favour of it, but we suppose the only way we’ll be able to give a considered opinion is to try it out for ourselves.

A Scottish shop is making ice-creams with scoops of mayonnaise. Image: Ice Falkirk

If you’re in New York this weekend, you can give your opinion on cheese ice cream. Murray’s Cheese is offering its limited-edition soft-serve at all of its New York City locations. It has concocted the unusual flavour in celebration of the second birthday of its Cavemaster Reserve cheese, Annelies, and has partnered with Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. to create an Annelies ice cream. It’ll be serving up scoops of the cheesy treat for $5 (€4.32) each at all of its stores until Sunday, 5 August.

An ice cream shop in NYC is making cheese ice cream. Image: Murray’s Cheese

For further information about Murray’s Cheese, see here, and to learn more about Ice Artisan Ice Cream, see here.