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A new pop-up celebrating rosé wine is opening in New York

As rosé wine continues to be the pink drink of choice, a new pop-up celebrating the rose-hued beverage will open in New York City this summer.

Indulge your love for rosé wine in New York this summer. Image by Max Flatow for Rosé Mansion

A two-story building will be converted into a full-on celebration of pink wine. Rosé Mansion is a limited run pop-up and wine tasting experience, that will combine an Instagrammable tour through a 14-room building and a chance to sample wines from around the world.

Visitors will take an educational journey through 14 different rooms that are inspired by the drink, the scientific process behind making it and the regions of the world where the wine is produced. They will get to sample eight different types of rosé – equal to two glasses – while learning about the history, economics, politics, and science behind it. While it’s recently become a trend again, back in the 1960s, rosé was the most commonly produced wine in Europe.

Rosé Mansion is opening up in New York. Image by Max Flatow for Rosé Mansion

Like the Museum of Ice Cream before it, Rosé Mansion is as much about the photo ops as it is about the samples. There will be a giant swinging chandelier in a bar filled with hot pink sand, a bathtub full of roses, and a Blending Lab where you’re invited to blend your own personal, custom rosé. Once you finish, you can head to the tasting lounge where you can buy glasses or bottles of rosé from the largest selection in the US, according to the organizers.

Rosé Mansion will run from Thursday, 12 July through Sunday, 7 October. Tickets are on sale, starting and until 17 June, they are available for $35. On 18 June, tickets will costs $35 for visits Monday through Thursday before 4:30 pm, and $45 for visits Monday to Thursday after 4:30 pm and Friday through Sunday. It is located at 445 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Find out more and get tickets here.