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Fancy a vegan tour of India, Italy or Thailand on a specially curated trip?

An adventure travel agent is bringing veganism to the forefront with curated eight-day long trips. Veganism is growing at a substantial rate, and Intrepid Travel has taken note. Three new tours to India, Italy, and Thailand will soon share the world’s hidden vegan gems with foodie explorers.

Delhi will be included in Intrepid Travel's vegan tours
Delhi street food vendor. Photo by: Intrepid Travel

The Melbourne-based company, founded by two university friends, specialises in local, sustainable, and small group travel in over 100 countries. The team noted that there was a 28% growth in bookings on food-themed trips last year, but soon realised a lack of options for the plant-based community.

The mission of the newly-formulated trips is to highlight vegan food culture in some of the world’s most popular and established culinary destinations. Trip itineraries will be a collaborative project between Intrepid Travel’s dedicated destination and food product teams, vegan influencers, and locals.

Fresh produce at a floating market in Thailand
Floating market in Thailand. Photo by: intrepid Travel

“Whether you eat a vegan diet, or just want to test the waters, this new line of vegan adventures will offer authentic culinary adventures and experiences you’ll only discover with an Intrepid local leader,” Neil Coletta, Brand & Product Manager for Food Tours said.

“Food travel is here to stay, and it’s our responsibility as a leading travel company to provide a range of offerings that can suit all tastes and lifestyles,” Coletta concluded.

On the India Vegan Food Adventure, the trip will take participants around Dehli, Jaipur, and Agra. Naturally, there’s far more adventurous delicacies to be found than just masala dosas and veggie samosas. In India, a vegan cooking class and visits to street food cafes will be on the agenda – as well as tours of iconic sites like the Taj Mahal.

Over in Bella Italia, the Italy Vegan Food Adventure aims to showcase that there’s more than cheesy pizza and decadent gelato to devour. Italy is actually one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to vegan food experiences. The eight-day tour of the nation includes a stop in Rome, a dinner in Venice’s premier vegan eatery, a farm-to-table vegan feast, and two nights in an all-vegan villa in Tuscany.

Meanwhile the Thailand Vegan Food Adventure incorporates the wholesome cuisine of South East Asia. A palm sugar demonstration at Tha Kha’s floating market and learning how to prepare a vegan meal under the guidance of a knowledgeable local during a homestay in Chiang Mai are just two of the highlights.

Fruit and vegetables on a stall in Bologna
Foodmarket in Bologna, Italy. Photo by: Intrepid Travel

For more information about 2019’s Vegan Food Adventures, starting at €994/$1160 can be found here.