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Is the inside of this sleek black trailer the epitome of contemporary coolness?

When it comes to purchasing a mobile home, travel-lovers wishing to hit the open road now have more options than ever before, with companies all over the world creating dynamic, eye-catching, cosy and comfortable creations in all shapes, sizes and styles. The latest offering, the Drake, is a masterclass in contemporary coolness, with the sleek black trailer ticking all the boxes of function and form.

Land Ark's Drake trailer.
Land Ark’s Drake trailer. Image by Jeremy Gudac

Built by US-based Land Ark, the Drake is modelled and built as a high-design house, with the capacity to sleep up to seven people. As well as including two stylish lofts and a dynamic, changeable room, the Drake boasts beautiful and simple whitewashed interior pine walls and ceilings, custom cellular shades for privacy, and warm LED lighting throughout, as well as a built-in sofa, shelving units, a bar top for working and dining, and a fully fitted kitchen that comes complete with a stainless steel refrigerator and a three-burner gas cooktop.

The mobile home can sleep up to seven people. Image by Jeremy Gudac

Company owners Brian and Joni Buzarde first got the idea to build their own custom mobile home over seven years ago. “We wanted our own place, but we didn’t know where our careers would physically take us. We became obsessed with pursuing a solution, designing and building a mobile home of our own. We recognized that there was a need for a different option, something unconcerned with being a tiny version of anything, yet built and designed like a quality home – while still complying with highway travel requirements,” Brian Buzarde told Lonely Planet Travel News.

The interior is finished with white-washed pine walls and ceilings. Image by Jeremy Gudac

Their efforts led to the creation of a prototype called Woody, and the formation of their company, Land Ark. Now, the new model, Drake represents the latest evolution of their design process, incorporating the lessons that they learned through years of trial and error. “The shape and appearance is an example of form following function. The front and back walls flaring out not only creates more usable space, more importantly, it makes it feel more expansive rather than being boxed in,” Brian said.

The trailer’s walls expand at an angle to create a sense of space. Image by Jeremy Gudac

Designed with ultimate freedom in mind, the Drake is aimed at people with a desire for travel and a love for comfort and design. “Owners can expect years of enjoyment, thoughtful design, high-quality craftsmanship and the freedom to live their lives in style, wherever that might be, and wherever that might lead. All of our models – including Drake – are aimed at people from all walks of life, and while their motives can vary from financial, spiritual, environmental or many others – the commonality is they’re all people who are proactively refining their lives and becoming the captain of their own experiences,” Brian said.

The Land Ark Drake starts at $139,900. More information is available at the official Land Ark website.