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This unlikely spot is the top wine destination in the US in 2018

There are countless reasons to take a road trip across the great United States, whether it’s to see the stunning scenery, visit one of the thousands of unique attractions, or just see somewhere new. But for travel-loving wine aficionados, there are now plenty of new reasons to start planning that next adventure, as the top wine destinations in the US for 2018 have just been revealed.

Senior men drinking wine and barbecuing on sunset beach
The study looked at the top rated wines, wineries and vineyards across the United States. Image by Caiaimage/Sam Edwards

Released by RewardExpert, the new ranking saw over two million wine reviews and ratings from the CellarTracker app being analysed to determine the best locations across the country, both in terms of quality of quantity, with some of the results proving to be surprising. By matching the reviews of bottles to specific registered wineries, the study was able to produce a ranking of the best wine producing areas of the United States down to three-digit zip code levels.

Cape Town, South Africa,Couple raising a toast together with wine outside garden
Ohio proved to have the most popular wines according to the study. Image by Westend61

Coming out in top position was Coshocton in east-central Ohio, in an area that is home to nine wineries and vineyards and approximately sixty-four thousand residents. While Ohio may not be the first place that comes to mind when discussing great wine, the data showed it to be home to the most highly rated winery (Heritage Vineyards) in the USA, as well as to the highest average rated wines. Second place went to Easton, located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, a place that boasts 23 wineries and vineyards that rated in the 95th percentile for wineries per capita. Wines produced in the region received an average rating of 94 out of 100, with Little Ashby Vineyards being voted the best. The third position went to the Hudson Valley region centred on Kingston in New York, which has 11 vineyards and wineries in total.

Red and white wine glasses
States in the top ten included California, Alaska, Washington and Texas. Image by Alexandra Steedman

“Our data found that delicious, popular wines can be found in all corners of our country,” said RewardExpert CEO and co-founder Roman Shteyn. “Many of our top destinations are found off the beaten wine trail that most folks are familiar with. So, it suffices to say; it pays not to judge a wine by its label, particularly when it comes to the origin.” Other places in the top ten list include Riverhead-Suffolk County in New York, Sacramento, California, Hermiston-Columbia Valley, Oregon, Middle Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico, Spokane Valley in Washington, Anchorage, Alaska and Greater El Paso, Texas.

The full list of top US wine destinations can be found on the official RewardExpert website.