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These homes have been selected as having the best ocean views around the world

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to booking accommodation for a trip away; is it affordable? is the location good? And will the property act as a suitable base to allow for exploration of the area? While travellers often opt for cheap and cheerful choices, sometimes, the accommodation itself is as important as the chosen destination, playing a huge part in making a trip unforgettable. With that in mind, a new book has been unveiled that rounds up a selection of stunning and unique vacation homes around the world that offer guests the best views of the ocean, making it easier than ever for wanderlusters to start planning a special trip away.

Seascape at Banks Peninsula, New Zealand.
Seascape at Banks Peninsula, New Zealand. Image by Ocean View, The Perfect Holiday Homes

Called Ocean View, The Perfect Holiday Homes, the book explores 50 diverse and beautifully designed vacation homes that offer guests spectacular views of crashing waves, breath-taking beaches and rugged, craggy coastlines.

Manshausen in Steigen, Norway.
Manshausen in Steigen, Norway. Image by Siggen Stinessen

Published by Lannoo, the title includes a variety of properties available for rent in locations such as Costa Rica, Greece, Morocco, Iceland, Thailand and many more. As well as providing imagery on each property, the book also lists practical information on how to book, making it easy for inspired readers to planning their own excursions. The book is broken up into different budgets, ranging from affordable holiday homes to sophisticated and exclusive holiday homes.

Tinhouse in the Isle of Skye, UK.
Tinhouse on the Isle of Skye, UK. Image by Ocean View, The Perfect Holiday Homes

Properties include Manshausen, a collection of four stylish contemporary hideouts in Steigen, Norway that feature a large glass windows looking out over an archipelago, Seascape, a property on the Banks Peninsula in New Zealand that features a private bay, Jacuzzi and swimming pool, Tinhouse, a low-impact design built near the only whiskey distillery on the Isle of Sky in the United Kingdom, and a floating house in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, near the beaches of Santa Teresa at Hermosa Bay.

The publication includes 50 diverse properties all over the world. Image by Ocean View, The Perfect Holiday Homes

“When researching Ocean View, because there was so many jaw-droppingly beautiful architectural gems out there near the ocean, so it was a matter of making the right selection in style, price and geography,” author Sebastiaan Bedaux told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Ocean View, The Perfect Holiday Homes is out now, priced €35 (£30).

More information is available at the official Lannoo Publishers website.