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These are the perfect cruises to suit travellers, according to 1.8m Instagram posts

With such a variety of ships and itineraries to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your options to just one cruise ship. Regardless of what you look for in your holiday away, there’s almost certainly a perfect ship for you, and a new guide has been published to help you narrow down the field.

Harmony of the Seas gets more Instagram love than any other cruise ship. Image: Royal Caribbean

SeaHub, which compares prices and sells cruises, studied over 1.8 million Instagram posts tagged on various ships and ports around the world to build its guide. The aim is to help travellers pick the perfect combination, by examining which destinations are the most popular, what people seem to enjoy most while they’re away, and what seasons they should consider when planning a trip.

The results indicated that Royal Caribbean came in first among cruise lines, with more than 630,000 tags. The rest of the top five included Carnival, Disney, Princess and Celebrity. When it came to individual ships, Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas got more love on Instagram than any other ship. Carnival Vista, Celebrity Reflection, Disney Dream, Norwegian Escape and Regal Princess came top in their respective lines.

When it came to destinations, places in the Caribbean earned the top spot as the most Instagrammed locations, including The Bahamas, Nassau, Florida and Miami. Other popular destinations included Cozumel, Mexico, Greece and Australia. Seafood and desserts were the most Instagrammed cruise foods and, perhaps unsurprisingly, photogenic cocktails were the most popular drinks to post. August was found to be the most popular month for heading out on the high seas. Fellow summer months like May and July were also popular, while January and February were among the least common times for cruise holiday postings.

SeaHub studied over 1.8 million Instagram posts tagged on various ships and ports around the world, Image: Seahub

So if you have a destination in mind but aren’t exactly sure which of the many brands or ships might be right for you, check out SeaHub‘s findings here.