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See inside these new capsule beds in a central London hostel

Capsule hotels are a trendy and practical form of accommodation that are continuing to crop up around the world, but now travellers in the UK can get the first “true capsule bed experience” at a central London hostel.

Spend the night in a capsule hotel in London. Image by Beds and Bars

The hostel, St. Christopher’s Inn, has installed 26 new capsules at its London Bridge location. The move comes as the accommodation style gets more popular – particularly among budget travellers and in Asian destinations. But, many travellers are still looking for cheaper accommodation options in pricey spots like London, and now it’s a reality. The hostel bills the capsules as the first experience of their in the UK, as they are stacked similar to ones found in Asia.

Spend the night inside the new capsules in London. Image by Beds and Bars

Unlike many hostels, where you’ll be stuck in a bunk bed, the new capsules are intended to offer a bit of privacy while still taking up little space. Each one has mood lighting that is controlled by a LED touchscreen wheel. There’s also free Wi-Fi, electric sockets and USB charging points, so you can stay connecting in your own little pod. There are curtains for privacy, but the capsules aren’t the sort of tiny traps many people imagine – there is enough space for guests to change their clothes or even dry their hair.

Inside the new capsules in London. Image by Beds and Bars

The capsule beds will cost £25 per night – which is cheaper than a bed in a seven-person dorm room at the hostel. The beds can be booked on the hostel’s website. The company has also launched an app which enables customers to connect with other travellers staying in the hostel through instant-messaging, as well as an online check-in service.

The London Bridge hostel took first prize for Best UK Accommodation in the BETA British Youth Travel Awards 2017.