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People all over the world are going mad for the 'avolatte' – coffee served in avocado skins

We’ve had avocado burger buns and avocado toast, and now the world has suddenly gone mad for the ‘avolatte.’ Images of coffee served up in avocado skins are popping up across the internet, much to the bafflement of many, including the Australian café in which the trend first originated.

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Hundreds of avolatte posts have popped up on social media, with the novel drink being made all over the world in places like Turkey, Germany and The Netherlands. The drinks may be served in avocado skins, but they are still getting the full coffee art treatment in many places.

We can see how it happened of course. Coffee + avocados + Instagram are beloved staples of millennial hipsterdom, although we never really thought that combining them would ever become a thing that would get everyone talking and tasting. Nor, it appears, did the café at the heart of the craze.


The trend originated in The Truman Cafe in Melbourne, and although it now claims that it was a joke concept, it has certainly caught imaginations across the globe. The café posted a video of the avolatte being created on its Instagram, and were surprised when it suddenly became a thing. “It was actually just a joke,” barista Jaydin Nathan told News.com.au. “We weren’t actually selling them, but then someone came in and wanted one.”

For the moment, people are testing out the mash-up to see whether the avocados give a special flavour to the coffee. Whether the shell is easy or stable to drink out of is another matter, particularly when filled with piping-hot liquid. It certainly saves on the washing up though, and of course, it all looks very pleasing on Instagram.