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Why you should set aside 31 January to start planning your 2017 vacations

By the end of January, many workers in the US will be desperately dreaming of a vacation. Which is why Project: Time Off plans to mark “the inaugural National Plan for Vacation Day” on Tuesday, 31 January, to encourage Americans to plan their holidays for the rest of the year.

Save 31 January for trip planning.
Save 31 January for trip planning. Image by JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images

Project: Time Off is an initiative started to encourage Americans to take their allotted vacation time. According to the group, 55% of Americans aren’t using all of their annual leave, leaving 658 million unused vacation days a year. Their research also found that the most effective way to make sure you take that vacation you’ve earned is to plan ahead, as less than half of households actually put aside time to make vacation plans. In fact, 51% of people who planned ahead took all of their vacation time, whereas only 39% of non-planners did.

And, if you’re worried about how your boss may react to your wanderlust, Project: Time Off reports that 89% of managers agree that by using time off, employees can de-stress, improve their health and well-being, and cut down on sick days and burnout. To make it easier to get started, they’ve even developed resources to help people mark the 31st and start planning their trips. But, most avid travellers won’t need that much inspiration.

For travellers who’ve got the 31st set aside for planning, many travel sites are offering up their advice for the year ahead. Booking.com recently released a list of where to find the cheapest accommodation globally each month of 2017, meaning travellers on a budget can find the best destination to suit them and their budget.  

Bali In Indonesia is number six in Kayak's top trending beach destinations. Image: Benjamin Malmaison
Bali In Indonesia is number six in Kayak’s top trending beach destinations. Image: Benjamin Malmaison

Additionally, according to Kayak’s recently-released 2017 Travel Hacker guide, Asia has five of the top 10 trending beach destinations for this year for American travellers who want to plan a warm vacation. And, if vacation days aren’t as much of an impediment to your holidays as a fear of flying, AirlineRatings.com released its list of the safest airlines of 2017, so you can make sure to use up your vacation time and stay safe.
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