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Airbnb discount encourages travellers to make treehouse dream a reality

Most travellers don’t need encouragement to book a stay in a treehouse or on a private island, but Airbnb is still providing some with a $100 discount when booking whimsical accommodation before 13 March.

There are stipulations to the deal – it’s only open to US residents, bookings must be for more than $400, accepted by the host by 13 March and the trip must be taken by 30 September.

Treehouse in Costa Rica.
Treehouse in Costa Rica. Image by Airbnb

But, the home-share site is clearly aiming to please, as it revealed in January that the most-desired type of property was treehouses. Airbnb allows users to save the properties where they would like to stay in the future on a “wish-list” and found that most people are wishing for a treehouse, followed by igloos, van, lighthouses, caves, islands, yurts, trains, lofts and cabins.

The company also released promotional videos, one featuring the British adventurer Bear Grylls jumping down to a private island and another Jungle Book-themed treehouse promo, which ties in to Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of the film.

Private island in Belize.
Private island in Belize. Image by Airbnb

The promos are part of Airbnb’s “Love this? Live There” campaign that shows off just a few examples of the diverse properties available through the site.

Rent a tree house in Costa Rica through Airbnb.
Rent a tree house in Costa Rica through Airbnb. Image by Airbnb Posting

The treehouse featured in the promo is described as a “charming, new and handcrafted at our 35 acre Bio Thermales rainforest reserve with natural hot and cool springs pools in the north-central Costa Rican heartland. This is authentic Costa Rica: clean, comfortable and close to nature”.

Rent Bird Island, a private island, through Airbnb.
Rent Bird Island, a private island, through Airbnb. Image by Airbnb Posting

The island, Bird Island, is “just 20 minutes away from the village of Placencia, Belize, is a small island inside a coral-reef. It’s protected beautiful waters is what makes it unique. Its total privacy is what makes it special”.

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