Lonely Planet Writer

Alcohol-free gin is popping up in Melbourne bars

Love the gin but hate the hangover? We’ve all been there. Now one Melbourne company has come up with a new solution; a gin with zero alcohol.

Brunswick Aces is brewed using native Australian ingredients with the hope of providing a very gin-like alternative to the alcoholic spirit. While it may seem odd to some, it could be the start of a new trend. In 2015, Seedlip released the first non-alcoholic distilled spirit and it’s available in cocktail bars around the world.

The team behind Melbourne’s offering are six neighbours who came up with the idea at dinner one night. After discussing the process of how to distill gin and discovering one person had done it before, a suggestion was made to create a non-alcoholic version. The drink is designed to reflect the botanical flavours of gin, allowing for fancy gin and tonic creations while remaining somewhat healthy; as well as being alcohol-free it also contains no sugar, calories, gluten or allergens.

There are two varieties available. The Spades blend has flavours of lime, grapefruit and cardamom while the Hearts blend contains juniper, wattleseed and star anise. At the moment, the drink is only being stocked in Victoria though there are plans to branch out both nationwide and internationally soon. If you live in Australia, you can also order from the online shop.

Meanwhile, in South Australia, Adelaide is quickly making a name as the country’s (alcoholic) gin capital. In total, the state has about 21 different gin brands and bars all around the city are stocking up on local varieties as the explosion of craft distilleries continue.