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Spend a night in this design-focused hotel in the Swedish forest

A Danish retailer has launched a new high-end hotel experience that will put travellers in unique spots like the Swedish forest, surrounded by all the Scandinavian-designed homeware you could imagine.

Spend a night in the forest in a prefab home. Image by Vipp Retouch by: Wetouch Imagework

The Vipp hotel is a new a self-service “hotel” that consists of rooms spread out in various locations – such as inside one of the company’s new prefab homes near a beautiful lake in Sweden. The company describes its new overnight experiences as “tailored and curated design destinations out of the ordinary, filled with Vipp’s take on design”. The company produces a range of products for the home, ranging from toilet brushes to garbage bins, and are intended to get guests to engage with the products.

Inside the loft kitchen at the Vipp hotel.

Right now there are two rooms, though new ones “are always in the making” at the Vipp hotel.  One room is a 55-square-metre Vipp shelter at Lake Immeln in Sweden, and a 400-square-metre Vipp loft in Copenhagen. Another room will open in early 2018 in a restored landmark, the Chimney house, in northern Copenhagen. While the hotel rooms won’t have classic amenities like a front desk or a gym, they will have a mini-bar of water and champagne, staff will be on standby to help out if need be, and of course, a complete collection of all the homeware you need.

Stay in a Vipp hotel. Image by VIpp Retouch by: Wetouch Imagework

But getting into all that Scandinavian design won’t come cheap – a night in the Vipp shelter will cost €1000 and the Vipp loft is €1500. Vipp isn’t the only famous furnishing company to launch a hotel – Japanese retailer Muji has also announced plans for hotels in China and Japan.