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'Dreams don't work unless you do': One blogger reveals how she gets paid to travel the world

When it comes to dream jobs, being a full-time travel blogger with the ability to make enough money to fund trips and live comfortably is way up at the top of the list for many people. For 29-year old Alyssa Ramos, the journey towards making that dream a reality proved to be challenging, but ultimately extremely rewarding.


Alyssa, who runs the blog MyLifesAMovie.com, first began working as a self-taught freelance writer, social media manager and publicist’s assistant. Having worked in the field for some time, she noticed that she had accumulated all of the skills needed to start creating her own quality content. “I realised I could be doing all of that hard work for myself instead of getting paid minimally by other people, so I started my own blog about three years ago, and shortly after was bitten by the travel bug,” she told Lonely Planet Travel News.

She started blogging about travel, initially finding it difficult to break into the market. Alyssa learned that approaching the blog with a meticulous approach to planning was a big help. “The majority of it is back-end business work, which you have to be willing to do every single day in order to make this type of career successful. You need to think with a business-mind as much as a creative-mind. What I do is not simply taking good photos, writing informative blog posts, and getting to travel the world for free,” she said.


In the early months of her blog, Alyssa found herself without money, and began renting her apartment out while she went on road trips in order to make ends meet, but continued to post content throughout that time. “After a while, my hard work paid off and I was contacted by a company for a sponsorship – a major milestone for me, and to my surprise, a couple of paid post offers,” she said. Alyssa learned what worked best for sponsored posts, and more work followed.


Today, Alyssa has travelled to approximately 70 countries and has amassed nearly 130,000 followers on Instagram, as well as having a wide online readership for her blog. She is making more money that she has in any of her previous positions, and while the lifestyle is exciting, like any business, it takes dedication to keep it going. “My slogan and life mantra is, ‘Dreams don’t work unless you do’. That means you can’t rely on other people to help, you accomplish your own goals and decide how much you’re going to put into becoming successful. I can’t remember a single day in the past three years that I thought about taking the day off,” Alyssa said.

More information on Alyssa’s travels can be found on her blog.