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The travel trends that will take over in 2019

Have you already glamped under the Northern Lights, travelled as a digital nomad and visited every pop-up experience around? Luckily, 2019 is just around the corner, and even the traveller who’s tried it all may find that a new year brings plenty of new travel trends to experience first-hand.

Milford Sound/Piopiotahi is a fiord in the south-west of New Zealand’s South Island. Image by wootthisak nirongboot/Getty Images

Industry experts have weighed in on what they think will be popular in the year of travel ahead, according to Travel PR, and anyone eager for something new can take note. According to AITO, The Specialist Travel Association, more people are seeking out culture over adventure, noting that its most popular search terms have been culture, arts and history, beating out walking, adventure and wildlife holidays.

If a stressful job has left you eager for a vacation, then perhaps spa hotel Seaham Hall’s prediction that alternative therapies will be more popular next year can inspire your next break. The spa notes that as many people struggle with anxiety, treatments like hypnotherapy will be more popular for those seeking calm and positivity.

Tourists swim in antique Cleopatra pool. Colour of water is caused by the presence of a large amount of radon. Image by ©Olinchuk/Shutterstock

Echoing other reports, it appears that more and more people will be travelling solo, according to tour company Jules Verne, which found in a survey that respondents most wanted to visit Spain solo, followed by India, USA, New Zealand and Italy. However, if you have to go in a group, it may be best to surround yourself with family. Sunvil predicts families will try recreating family holidays from decades ago, while Activities Abroad also notes that families are increasingly taking multigenerational trips where the whole family can come along.

When it comes to trying to spot wildlife, Naturetrek predicts that more people will take to the water to get away from the crowds. The company has seen more people seeking out wildlife cruises in remote spots like South Georgia and the Solomon Islands. Whether it’s to spot animals or just to get a bit of distance from other tourists, Kirker Holidays notes that travellers will be heading away from the crowds. According to the company, many travellers want undiscovered city break destinations, like Montpellier, Salamanca or Lucca.

Anfiteatro square in Lucca. Image by ©serenarossi/Shutterstock

Lonely Planet recently revealed the best countries, cities and regions to visit in 2019 for its annual Best in Travel lists. We’ve also predicted the top trends for the next year in travel, which include getting off the touristed path, augmented attractions, following your DNA, electric road trips, and dark skies.