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Could this workout help you battle jet lag?

Jet lag is one of the most unpleasant effects of long-haul flights, but a new workout might help you target it and beat it before it affects your enjoyment of your time abroad.

Is working out the key to beating jet lag? Photo by fizkes/Shutterstock

The “Sweatlag” is a series of workout routines designed by Delta Airlines in partnership with fitness company Equinox. It is a no equipment, do-anywhere workout that focuses on mobility and stretching that will help you fight jet lag effects.

The workout targets all three main body areas (upper body, core, and lower body) with low-impact circuits followed up by stretch and cool down exercises. Its main aim is reducing the stiffness that sitting still for too long will cause to your body, and waking up your muscles.

If you want to gain maximum benefits, you should perform the workout 12 to 24 hours after landing. That’s because working out helps resync the circadian rhythm, an especially useful thing if you’re crossing several time zones on your flight, and has very good effects on blood circulation and general muscle mobility.

To accompany the workout videos, Equinox has also released a series of tips on how to best deal with jet lag before flying, while in the air and after landing. For example, you might want to go out in the sun as soon as possible once you arrive at your destination since sunlight can help adjust your internal clock. You might also want to try and eat meals following local times as soon as you land to better help you sync up with the new time zone. And maybe the new menu developed by Qantas is also going to help fighting jet lag directly from your airplane seat.

Delta Airlines partnered up with Equinox to create this workout. Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

If you want to learn more about Sweatlag and read more tips about how to beat combat jet lag, check the project’s official website here.