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London is set to get a restaurant serving ONLY crisps and dips

If picking up a pack at the shop is no longer enough to satisfy your love of crisps, a new London restaurant is going to set an all new standard for the humble snack.

Hipchips, which is set to open on Old Compton Street in Soho, is a shop dedicated to fresh potato crisps, matched with special dips. The shop will use five different varieties of potatoes in its crisps, along with a selection of dips. According to Eat Out Magazine, those dips will include flavours like Katsu curry, Moroccan Yoghurt and much more. There will also be sweet crisps, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and sugary dips to go along with them.

The crisps will be cut and cooked in front of restaurant-goers and will be served up on a conveyor belt, reports Metro. There will also be a takeaway option for anyone who feels like crisps are best enjoyed at home on the couch.

This certainly isn’t London’s first restaurant focused on one delicious food – earlier this year the city had a pop-up brunch restaurant dedicated to one of the most beloved ingredients, avocado.

Even well-known brands are launching food-related experiences to entice visitors in busy London. Last month IKEA launched a pop-up do-it-yourself dining club, where dinner-goers actually made the meal themselves in an IKEA kitchen before enjoying it with a group of friends.

There is also currently a KitKat pop-up on in London for the next five weeks, where visitors can create a customized chocolate bar, with their choice of chocolate coating and a selection of toppings to truly make it their own.