Lonely Planet Writer

Hiking dogs are the inspiration behind the cutest new holiday idea on Instagram

Holidays can be tricky for those of us who are devoted to our four-legged friends and unwilling to leave them at home.

Passports and vaccinations are just part of the various preparations to take into account, whilst finding dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, and modes of transport perhaps presenting the biggest challenge.

So for some dog-lovers hiking and camping often become the best and easiest solution to dog-friendly travel.

Dog aficionado magazine Bark, is a great place to go for advice on how to holiday with your dog and highly recommend hiking.

The magazine is informative on vaccinations, dog-friendly hiking trips, and most importantly on the suitability and preparation a dog needs in order to go on a hiking trip.

“Few dogs can do a backpacking trip without endurance training. Start close to home with hour-long hikes (adjust according to your dog’s fitness level), and include uneven terrain to toughen his paws and give him a cardio workout. Within weeks, you’re likely to be ready for day-long excursions farther afield,” Bark suggests.

Useful suggestions include bringing water and snacks everywhere, as well as a lead, muzzle, and stopping for frequent breaks. Dogs get tired and cranky too!

In spite of its challenges, hiking with dogs is so popular that it even gets its own dedicated Instagram account complete with all sorts of adorable shots and inspiring ideas for how to make the best holiday for you and your best furry friend.

Hiking with Dogs has got 88,000 followers and it’s growing, a testament to people’s love for the open trail with their dog, as well as their love for a cute puppy in rucksack!