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New survey finds that people prioritise travel as they value memories over money in the bank

What should you prioritise when you’re young? That’s the eternal question that makes everyone’s twenties such a period of experimentation and insecurity. Many argue that millennials should be the ones to travel the most because of their unimpeded, child-free, and marriage-free lives.


But a recent article in Forbes that looked into millennial’s (much-maligned) saving practices, questioned whether it is better for millennials (young people aged between 18 and 35) to save for retirement instead of spending what little extra cash they have on travel. The article queried whether it is better to experience today or save for tomorrow.


The question was answered in part by a poll carried out in 2015 by American Express Travel, which found that 82% of respondents valued ‘making memories’ more than they valued making money. 91% of people polled would rather pursue meaningful life experiences over their professions. The poll suggested that not only millennials, but all ages have been bitten by the wanderlust bug and that they too feel the uncertainty as millennials do.

Young man hiking in Yosemite, California
Young man hiking in Yosemite, California

Then there’s the other argument, that saving and travel are not necessarily at odds, but that in fact, travel teaches people to save! Speaking to Forbes, Ben Offit of Clear Path Advisory said, “If one wants to go on a big trip next year, they need to start saving for it.  If one wants to have a great retirement, they need to start saving for it. If one can develop the habit of saving, then that can be applied whether it is for longer-term goals or shorter-term goals.”


If we are to learn anything from this, it’s that the world definitely seems to be in favour of the ‘Just Go’ attitude.