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Discover the landmarks and interesting things you're flying over with this new app

When we’re gazing out of the window on a flight, we often become curious about what exactly we’re flying over. While live maps on the plane give us an overview, a new app has been developed to provide information on the landmarks and points of interest below.

A new app will tell you what you’re flying over on a plane. Image: franckreporter

The Inflighto app has been designed by pilots for use by airline passengers while in-flight, and it uses highly-accurate ADSB flight-tracking technology to give passengers an elevated perspective of the world from the air. The premium version of the app gives users live weather tracking to get information about the clouds they’re flying through while preparing for any turbulence along the route. Premium versions also include live marine tracking, so when they’re flying over a body of water, users can discover the names and occupations of the boats below.

The Inflighto app tells you the landmarks you’re flying over. Image: Inflighto

The founders of Inflighto are two Australian pilots who wanted to heighten the flying experience of passengers. For aspiring pilots, the app provides live flight data such as altitude, ground-speed, vertical speed, heading and geographic location coordinates. Co-founder and commercial airline pilot, John Hopkins, said that the team wanted to create an app that answered the questions most often asked of pilots from passengers; “Where are we?” and “What are we flying over?”

The Inflighto app will tell you what you’re flying over on a plane. Image: Flashpop

Another unique feature allows passengers with the app to chat with flight crew and fellow passengers who also have the app in an open chat-room dedicated to their flight. The Inflighto app is designed for use with in-flight Wi-Fi and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play as a free download. The premium version is available for an additional fee.