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Can you guess the most chilled-out countries in the world?

Indonesia has come out top in a new study to find the 15 most chilled-out countries in the world. The study by Lastminute.com analysed a number of factors, including personal rights, annual leave days, noise and light pollution, and the number of bank holidays and spa retreats in each location.

Maybe it’s time to book a trip to Bali. Image by ©Colin Anderson/Getty Images

The tropical paradise of Indonesia came in first place, thanks in part to its 66 spa and wellness retreats. It boasts over 186 green spaces and has an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and 54,716 miles of coastline. Australia came in second place, and its score was helped by an average of 30 days of annual leave, over 25,000 miles of beautiful coastline and 187 green spaces.

The top chilled-out countries according to LastMinute.com. Image: www.lastminute.com

With the lowest noise and light pollution levels on the list, Iceland comes in third place on the list. It enjoys 36 days of annual leave each year and gets to enjoy the sights of one of the world’s greatest natural phenomena – the Northern Lights. Fourth place went to New Zealand, with its 253 green spaces and over 15,000 miles of coastline. Sri Lanka came in fifth position, and it enjoys average temperatures reaching nearly 27 degrees Celsius, lush rainforests covering the landscape, and the most amount of leave of all countries on the list with 40 days vacation.

Australia came second in LastMinute.com’s 15 most chilled-out countries in the world. Image by Getty Images

Cyprus came in sixth position, and the Philippines was seventh. Greece came eighth, India was ninth, and the remainder of the places went to 10. Mauritius 11. Costa Rica 12. Portugal 13. Bulgaria 14. Croatia and 15. Spain “As we welcome 2019 with open arms, many of us are looking to start off feeling refreshed and ready to take on the year ahead,” says Reigo Eljas of LastMinute.com. “By looking to other cultures, we can borrow tried and tested traditions – from hot springs to meditation – to help us feel zen.”

The Northern Lights helped Iceland to come in third place of LastMinute.com’s most chilled-out countries. Image: ©Simon’s passion 4 Travel/Shutterstock

To view the full results of the study, see here.