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How rural Serbia is tempting digital nomads with co-working spaces

If you find yourself travelling around with a laptop under your arm, ready to shoot emails from any corner of the world, your next stops could be Mokrin House or Rural HUB, two recently opened co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and freelancers in the Serbian countryside.

Mokrin House, Serbia. Image by Branislava Brandic

Mokrin House is a multi-awarded architectural complex in Mokrin village in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina, near the border with Romania and Hungary. It’s a modern co-working and co-living space that offers a quiet getaway for digital nomads. No commuting, no big-city distractions, just the laid-back Banat plains around you, three delicious homemade meals each day, and your commitment to work. Once you’re there, all you need in order to get around is a bicycle, and it’s waiting for you in Mokrin House.    

‘I am sentimental about this village as my father was born here, and the Mokrin House property carries amazing history dating from 1925’, says Ivan Brkljač, the Mokrin House project leader. ‘This winter we will host programs to engage our members and the local community – there will be waltz lessons and a coding school for children, for example.’  

Vrmdza Village. Image by Vanja Zobenica

A totally different experience awaits in Vrmdža village in eastern Serbia, beneath the Rtanj Mountain. Vrmdža is home to Rural HUB, a co-working space dedicated to people who are ready to connect deeply with nature and the local community.

‘The whole Vrmdža village is a hub’, says Dragana Tomić Pilipović, the creator of this concept. ‘This is a place where you can understand what it really means to work from a village, whether it’s software or organic food business. The villagers provide resources like accommodation and food, but you also need to learn how to live by the village rules. In return, you get to experience a radically different quality of life. That is why, over the past years, some 30 families moved from cities to live and work here.’

Maybe the rural magic (and the power of the internet) will make travellers want to stay longer either in Rural HUB or in Mokrin House. And perhaps places like these are building a different, bright future for rural areas around the globe.

By Nevena Paunović