Must-see attractions in The Amalfi Coast

  • Amalfi, Italy - April 11, 2013: Amalfi cathedral, known as Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea, and Duomo di Amalfi, in Italian, in the town of Amalfi, Italy
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    Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea


    Once the very symbol of Amalfi’s power, Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea (also known as Duomo di Amalfi) is the town’s most iconic monument.

  • View of the Villa Cimbrone with garden, Amalfi coast, Italy.

    Villa Cimbrone


    If you could bottle up a take-away image of the Amalfi, it might be the view from the Belvedere of Infinity, classical busts in the foreground, craggy…

  • Scenic picture-postcard view of famous Amalfi Coast with Gulf of Salerno from Villa Rufolo gardens in Ravello, Campania, Italy

    Villa Rufolo


    To the south of Ravello’s cathedral, a 14th-century tower marks the entrance to this villa, famed for its beautiful cascading gardens. Created by a…

  • Marina di Praia


    Located a couple of kilometres east of the centre, this charming beach and harbour are the reasons why most people stop off in Praiano. From the SS163 …

  • Chiostro del Paradiso


    To the left of Amalfi’s cathedral porch, these magnificent Moorish-style cloisters, complete with the remnants of 13th-century frescoes, were built in…

  • Punta Campanella Marine Reserve

    Sorrento Peninsula

    A popular diving destination, these protected waters are part of an 11-sq-km reserve that supports a healthy marine ecosystem, with flora and marine life…

  • Baia di Ieranto

    Sorrento Peninsula

    A spectacular beach at the tip of the Punta Penna peninsula south of Sorrento, Ieranto is reached via a walking path that starts in the village of Nerano…

  • Museum Correale, Sorrento, Italy

    Museo Correale di Terranova


    East of the city centre, this wide-ranging museum is well worth a visit whether you're a clock collector, an archaeological egghead or into delicate…

  • Emerald Grotto Sculptures, underwater biblical display.

    Grotta dello Smeraldo


    Four kilometres west of Amalfi, this grotto is named after the eerie emerald colour that emanates from the water. Stalactites hang down from the 24m-high…

  • View of Positano with Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta Church, Positano, Salerno, Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italy - stock photo

    Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta


    Omnipresent in most Positano photos is the colourful majolica-tiled dome of its main church (and the town's only real sight). If you are visiting at a…

  • Museo Bottega della Tarsia Lignea


    Since the 18th century, Sorrento has been famous for its intarsio (marquetry) furniture, made with elaborately designed inlaid wood. Some wonderful…

  • Sorrento, Italy July 16,2017: Church and Convent of St. Francis, Sorrento, Italy.

Chiesa & Chiostro di San Francesco

    Chiesa & Chiostro di San Francesco


    Located next to the Villa Comunale Park, this church is best known for the peaceful 14th-century cloister abutting it, which is accessible via a small…

  • A pathway leads over to the Fornillo Beach, a more peaceful place to lay out your beach blanket and enjoy the surf and sun. You can also take a water taxi to one of the many coves and sandy spots that dot the cliffs that are reachable only by boat.Positano is a seductive place. Terraces shore up the buildings and almost every turn offers a visual bounty to enjoy. The most prevalent point of references is the colorful tiled dome of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, in the smack-middle of town. Everything else tumbles down toward the water from here. The beach at the marina is known as Spiaggia Grande (big beach) because it is one of the Amalfi Coast's largest. This is the central seafront for the town and there are several excellent seafood restaurants just above the beach.

    Spiaggia del Fornillo


    From Positano's main beach, it's a gentle walk west, with an acceptable number of steps (hooray!) to Spiaggia del Fornillo. Toss off your stilettos and…

  • Basilica di Sant'Antonino in Piacenza

    Basilica di Sant’Antonino


    Named after Sorrento's patron saint, the town's oldest church barely looks like a church at all from the outside. The interior paints a more ecclesial…

  • High angle view of boats at a harbor, Marina Grande, Capri, Sorrento, Sorrentine Peninsula, Naples Province, Campania, Italy

    Marina Grande


    Noticeably detached from the main city and bereft of the hydrofoils and ferries that crowd Marina Piccola, this secluded former fishing village has a…

  • SORRENTO, ITALY - JUNE 24: Piazza Tasso in Sorrento on JUNE 24, 2014. Sant Antonino Abate monument at central place and square in Sorrento, Italy.; Shutterstock ID 238206238; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; GL account no.: 56530; Netsuite department name: Online Design; Full Product or Project name including edition: Digital Content/Sights

    Centro Storico


    A major hub for shops, restaurants and bars, recently pedestrianised Corso Italia is the main thoroughfare shooting east-west through the bustling centro…

  • 500px Photo ID: 125615275 -

    Il Vallone dei Mulino


    Just behind Piazza Tasso, a vertiginous natural phenomenon is on view from Via Fuorimura. Il Vallone dei Mulino is a deep mountain cleft that dates from a…

  • amazing beach in Positano on Amalfi coast

    Spiaggia Grande


    Spiaggia Grande probably isn't anyone's idea of a dream beach, with greyish sand covered by legions of bright umbrellas lined up like parked cars – and…

  • SORRENTO, CAMPANIA, ITALY - 2015/09/01: Fresco painting at the Opera Society. (Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)

    Sedile Dominova


    Incongruously wedged between racks of lemon-themed souvenir merchandise, this 15th-century domed palazzo (mansion) has exquisite, albeit faded, original…

  • Cathedral


    Forming the eastern flank of Piazza Duomo, Ravello's cathedral was built in 1086. Since that time it has undergone various makeovers. The facade is 16th…

  • Chiesa dell’Annunziata

    Vico Equense

    Vico’s clifftop former cathedral is the only Gothic church on the Sorrento Peninsula. Little remains of the original 14th-century structure other than the…

  • Torre a Mare


    Defensive towers sit all along the Amalfi Coast; ironically, they are generally known as Saracen towers, named after the very invaders they were erected…

  • Fiordo di Furore

    The Amalfi Coast

    The Fiordo di Furore, a deep and narrow cleft in the coastline 6km west of Amalfi, is a misnomer. Fjords are formed by glaciers, whereas the Furore ‘fjord…

  • Museo del Corallo Camo


    Hidden away at the back of this cameo shop is a small museum with some magnificent pieces, including a mid-16th-century Madonna, Roman amphorae, early…

  • Museo della Carta


    Amalfi’s Paper Museum is housed in a rugged, cave-like 13th-century paper mill (the oldest in Europe). It lovingly preserves the original paper presses,…

  • Convento del Deserto

    Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi

    This hulking convent is located 1.5km uphill from the village centre. It was founded in the 17th century by Carmelite friars, but since 1983 it has been…

  • Vietri sul Mare Beach

    Vietri sul Mare

    As the Amalfi cliff-sides fall away around Vietri sul Mare, the coastline reveals its longest and sandiest beaches. Vietri's 'beach' is actually a…

  • Monte Faito

    Sorrento Peninsula

    Rising above Castellammare and accessible by an eight-minute cable-car ride from the town’s Circumvesuviana train station is Monte Faito (1131m), one of…

  • Spiaggia della Gavitelli


    Accessible by a steep staircase (with 300 steps) from the village of Praiano or by boat from Marina di Praia, Gavitelli is a tiny but popular affair with…

  • Museo della Ceramica

    Vietri sul Mare

    For a primer on Vietri’s ceramics past, head to this museum in the nearby village of Raito. Housed in a mildewed villa surrounded by a park, the museum…

  • Marina della Lobra

    Massa Lubrense

    From central Largo Vescovado it’s a 1.5km descent to this pretty little marina backed by ramshackle houses and verdant slopes. The marina is a good place…

  • Maiori Beach

    The Amalfi Coast

    One of coast’s less tourist-centric towns harbours, perhaps surprisingly, the region’s longest beach, a ruler-straight 900m – and it’s mainly sandy too. A…

  • Villa Fiorentino


    Completed in the mid-1930s and recently restored, the gracious, neoclassical Villa Fiorentino is a venue for high-quality temporary art exhibitions and…

  • Raffaele Celantano was born in Sorrento.  Over the years he has documented daily life of Sorrento locals and black and white prints 'The Italian Collection' are displayed on the second floor of the Chiostro di San Francesco.  The swing used in the photograph taken by local artist Raffaele Celantano.

    Gallery Celentano


    From the Chiostro di San Francesco, stairs lead up to this gallery, which showcases the evocative photography of Raffaele Celentano, a contemporary…

  • Mural inside the 15th century Duomo (cathedral) of Sorrento.



    Sorrento's cathedral features a striking exterior fresco, a triple-tiered bell tower, four classical columns and an elegant majolica clock. Inside, take…

  • Casa di Cornelia Tasso


    Between the late 16th and early 17th century, this palazzo (mansion) was home to Cornelia Tasso, sibling of the lauded Italian poet Torquato Tasso…

  • Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie


    The oldest part of this 15th-century church is the apse, where you'll find Silvestro Buono’s 1582 polyptych above the altar. Its central panel depicts the…

  • Casa Grande Correale


    Although Sorrento's noble Correale family reputedly owned a house on this very site in the 15th century, the current palazzo (mansion) dates from the 18th…

  • Santuario della Madonna del Carmine


    Built in the late 15th century on the site of an earlier church, the single-nave Santuario della Madonna del Carmine is crowned by a commanding, early…

  • Ancient Greek Gate


    On its route down to Marina Grande, Via Sopra le Mura passes through a large stone archway. This was one of Sorrento's original Greek city gates, built in…